Uni Champs 2016

University Champs 2016 was a great weekend, with a lot of fun times and some great results for VURC.

Novice Mens's 8+
Novice Mens’s 8+

Men’s Inty 1x: GOLD

Men’s Inty 4+: GOLD

Men’s Novice 8+: SILVER

Men’s Lightweight 2+: SILVER

Men’s Inty 4x+: BRONZE

Inty Men's 4x+
Inty Men’s 4x+

Well done to all who trialled for the Trans-Tasman University team, and a special congratulations to Jack Gilpin, Nathan Oakley and Tristan Gregory-Hunt who were selected to be a part of the men’s 8+!

Men's Inty 4+
Men’s Inty 4+

We had a great night at Top Hut on finals night and managed not to get too messy. And we only left two people behind in Twizel when the bus left on Sunday morning…I think I’ll count that as a success. (Thanks, Heather, for driving them at break-neck speed across Mackenzie Country and saving the day!)

Women's Tourny 8+
Women’s Tourny 8+

I can’t speak for the rest of the squad, but personally I can’t wait for next year!

See you on the water.