Easter Camp 2016

VURC travelled to the mighty Whanganui for a three day camp over Easter. We made the most of the water time, with all crews making fantastic improvements over the weekend.

VURC Flotilla on the Whanganui

Possibly even more importantly than the rowing was VURC’s traditional annual toga party.

I had never seen a tartan-blanket-toga before, or a green-velvet-toga, but I am fairly certain that everybody should have the opportunity to experience them at least once in their life.

Whole Squad on Point

There was a lot of dancing on tables and more than a little (accidental?) nudity, and the legendary Waa was passed on to a worthy new Master.

New Waa Master
Thanks to all the rowers and coxswains, for being your wonderful selves and making the weekend so much fun. Thanks, coaches, for giving up your Easter to coach a bunch of rowdy students (and for being so ruckus yourselves…). And thanks to the committee for making it all possible!


See you on the water.