2016 Annual General Meeting and Prize-giving

The 2016 AGM was held on the 27th of May, where we farewelled some old faces and welcomed some new ones, as well as discussing the direction of the club for the coming year. The minutes are attached below for posterity.

Prize-giving at Four Kings was a great success, with a lot of deserving rowers receiving the following prizes:

Most Valuable Novice Man: Kaiori Maguinnety
Most Improved Novice Man: Jack Wetterings and Louis Grainger

Novices prizegiving

Most Valuable Novice Woman: Abby Pedersen
Most Improved Novice Woman: Scarlett Tacon

Most Valuable Tourney Man: Trent Doyle
Most Improved Tourney Man: Theo Rosenberg

Most Valuable Tourney Woman: Steph McDermott
Most Improved Toruney Woman: Maneka David


Men’s Sweep Rower of the Year: Jack Gilpin & Nathan Oakley
Men’s Sculler of the Year: Tristan Gregory-Hunt

Jack and Nathan

Women’s Sweep Rower of the Year: Holly Miller
Women’s Sculler of the Year: Jenny Acton-Phillips


Rower of the Year: Tristan Gregory-Hunt
Coxswain of the Year: Maddie Palmer
Coach of the Year: Joe O’Neill

Maddie & Fran

Tim Wilson Award for service to VURC: Sean Durkin


And, more importantly…

Most Notorious Drunk: Kahn Maere
The Golden Spade: Harry Barker


Victoria University Rowing Club

Minutes for Annual General Meeting 27th May, 2016

Present: Sean Durkin, Brook Walker, Caleb Smith, Maddie Palmer, Sarah Jackson, Henry Lee, Jack Gilpin, Olivia Oldham, Frances Gray, James Warren, Heather Scott, Jesse Benedetto, Kyle Malone, Daniel Crewe, Josh Williams, Connor MacLeod, Kahn Maere, Nathan Oakley, Vanessa McCormack, Valerie Chan, Maneka Davi, Lea Kreutmayer, Crare Weterings, Jack Weterings, Charlotte Pearce, Adelaide Brown, Ceri Armit, Troy Greenem, Tristan Gregory-Hunt


Meeting opened: 5:51

Acceptance of last year’s minutes · Accepted – Frances

· Seconded – Olivia

Matters arising Employed manager like Otago or Waikato – proposed last year but hasn’t been actioned this year.

· Difficulties around funding etc.

· Concept that is still open, something that should be considered in coming years

· Incoming committee may decide to do something in this space

President’s report A positive season for Vic. Attended Battle of the Bombay and Tertiary Regatta last year – only regatta to attend both, only North Island university to attend Tertiary. Speaks to committee organisation.

Good results at this year’s University Champs – good athletes coming through the club.

Congratulations to 4 members elected to NZU Trans-Tasman team.

Fundraising this year has been key, led by Maddie and other committee members. Raised over $20,000 this year alone. Much has gone towards new tent, coxswain equipment and reducing costs for members.

· Currently have around $9000 in the bank account but expenses still to come out of that e.g. bar tab for tonight, Tertiary regatta will be in Ashburton.

· Hopefully incoming committee will continue with fundraising, but not certain

· Encourage incoming committee to take a conservative approach

Coaching very important, and very successful this year.

· Inty men’s coaches structure worked well and would do well to be repeated

Social events have been good

· Thanks to Caleb for the development of the relationship with 5 Stags

New logo and new uniform have gone very well, thanks to committee members who spearheaded this such as Brook

Recommendations for upcoming committee

· Club captain role to take more of a coaching management role

· Inclusion of a health and safety officer

· Recruitment – went well this year, but always something we can do better

· Continue to work hard to maintain our relationship with WRC – other local clubs would not likely have the capacity


Thank you to the entire committee – best I have been involved with since Sean started on the committee

Sean Durkin

Treasurer’s report The year ending last year ended on small surplus

So far this year a surplus of just under $4000

· But there are some residual expenses and upcoming payments

· A lot thanks to Maddie and her spearheading of fundraising

$9000 in the bank account

Thanks to those who have paid their fees

No appreciation of assets

· If we want to pass an audit, which may be required for grants going forward. This would involve talking to WRC and other owners of the assets, would be a good idea to assess this.

James Warren

Accepted by Jimmy

Seconded by Caleb

Election of president Current President: Sean Durkin


Adelaide nominates: Maddie Palmer

Seconded: Tristan Gregory-Hunt

Olivia nominates: Caleb Smith

Seconded: James Warren

Congratulations Maddie Palmer!

Election of Vice-President Current Vice-President: Frances Gray


Henry Lee nominates: Jack Gilpin

Seconded: Josh Williams

James Warren nominates: Caleb Smith

Seconded: Olivia Oldham

Congratulations: Jack Gilpin

Election of Club Captain Current Club Captain: Brook Walker

Jesse nominates: Brook Walker

Seconded: Olivia Oldham

Congratulations Brook Walker

Election of Secretary Current Secretary: Olivia Oldham

Heather nominates: Olivia Oldham

Seconded: Jesse Benedetto

Congratulations Olivia Oldham

Election of Treasurer Current Treasurer: James Warren

Frances nominates: Sarah Jackson

Seconded: James Warren

Olivia nominates: Connor MacLeod

Seconded: Caleb Smith

Congratulations Sarah Jackson

Election of Social & Promotion Officer Current Social & Promotion Officer: Caleb Smith

Olivia nominates: Caleb Smith

Seconded: Frances Gray

Maddie nominates: Connor MacLeod

Seconded: Heather Scott

Congratulations: Caleb Smith

Election of general committee members (up to 5) Congratulations: Connor MacLeod, Heather Scott, Valerie Chan, Josh Williams, Henry Lee
General business 1. Sean proposes to the incoming committee that we change the constitution to bring us into line with new Health and Safety legislation. He offered to help with that process if they’d like

2. Sean proposes formalising the club captain role into more of a coaching co-ordination role either officially or de facto

3. Frances moves for Sean to become a life member of VURC

By acclamation: Sean becomes a life member

Meeting closed: 7:05